International day of yoga: introducing ‘svadha’, the wellness wear collection in khadi


international day of yoga: introducing ‘svadha’, the wellness wear collection in khadi

india is all set to host one of the biggest events of the year, the international day of yoga on june 21. the occasion is grand, and an opportunity to put the best foot forward on the global stage. just like yoga, khadi is an important part of india’s culture and heritage. for the special occasion, the ministry of micro, small & medium enterprises’ center of excellence for khadi (coek) has designed a range of ‘wellness wear – svadha’ to showcase the versatility of khadi.

india will be celebrating the eighth edition of the international day of yoga on the theme ‘yoga for humanity’ to reaffirm how yoga served humanity in alleviating sufferings during covid-19.

‘svadha’- the wellness wear

the design team at coek set up by kvic, ministry of msme at nift, has designed a range of ‘wellness wear’ ‘svadha’, especially for international yoga day. ‘svadha’ as per atharva veda, means ease, comfort, or pleasure. the wellness collection is also focused on these traits or features.

the ensembles of svadha were tested with yoga practitioners and yoga enthusiasts. for their ease, the ensembles have features such as a bias yoke on the shoulder, a box pleat in the center back of top-wear and a low crotch, and wrap-around bottom wear for ease in stretching. the designs are curated to attract all age groups and have used hand-spun khadi in natural hues.

khadi – the fabric of india

khadi, a handspun cloth has become a symbol of ‘swadeshi’ and freedom. it was at the heart of india’s struggle for independence. this fabric of freedom has undergone many transitions. admired for its quality and austere simplicity, khadi wasn’t only a call to become self-reliant but it was also an appeal to wear something that displayed the might and power of a united india.

khadi, also known as ‘khadar’, uses no machines or energy or any kind of fuel for its manufacturing. posing compatibility with the environment, a metre of khadi fabric consumes 3 litres of water as against one metre of mill-produced fabric that requires 55 litres of water. this zero-carbon footprint fabric also solves one of the most pressing issues of today – the water crisis in both rural and urban india.

to honour and give it its due share of respect, vice president, m. venkaiah naidu had once appealed to citizens to treat khadi as a ‘national fabric’ and promote its use extensively. prime minister narendra modi had also in one of his mann ki baat episodes, urged countrymen to buy khadi products and contribute towards a ‘bharat jodo andolan’.

know about kvic

the kvic is an apex organization under the ministry of micro, small, and medium enterprises responsible for the promotion, planning, organization, and implementation of initiatives for the development of khadi and other rural industries. it also helps in employment generation in the khadi industry.

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